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The beauty of a Rainy Day

today i was in horstief creek valley, it started to rain, it was so beautiful, i had to stop over and over again to make pictures, it is a mazing what nature can show us, i saw aso the first grizzly mother with a cup, couldnd make a picture, because she was running to fast! but better she was running then me!! saw also lots of elk deer and different kinds of birds, anyway when i came home i was soken wett, but very happy i hope i will have lots of days like that this summer.

Hike to a unnamed Lake

my son found a Lake with on incredible color on google earth, so he menchant that he like's to go up there, i did told him there is no trail getting up there.

little black bear by wood pile outside of our living room

our kids came home for thanks giving around 11 pm, so we had coffee and , and big talks! anyway as i got ourside i did smell something, so i said to the others, that the skunk is again in our back yard, my wife whent right away to the back sliding door, to look for it, where are you she said ! where are you, it's wright above you said my son inlaw, the skunk is on the wood pile?? i asked him, no the black bear, WHAT.

McDonald Creek / funny tracks in the snow 5th Okt 2013!!!!!!!

hiked up towards Silvermine, by the cabin i went straigt up through the bush, there is no trail, it had about 10cm of snow, after 20minutes hiking i did came in a tree opening area so from there i went straigt up towarts the mountain ridge, again 10 min hiking one of a sudden i did heard something above me in the bush, i did keep going and thaught a deer or mountain goat, but then i saw the tracks in the snow!! grizzly tracks as fresh as they can be/ the hartbeet went up i tell you holy crap, well i did turned around, went down the mountain as quick as possible, when i thought i was save!

Wet but good

Hiking in NovemberA couple of days ago I did a hike from the crossroad up toward Mt Assiniboine. It was snowing and had already accummulated about 10 to 15 cm new snow. About half an hour into the hike I had to cross a creek over a bridge which was tree cut and laying over the creek with a steel cable strung across the creek to hold on to at about chest height. I've continued on and hiked up all the way to a lake.